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Albert Einstein writing General Relativity equations on a blackboard

God and Einstein II

Continuing our exploration of eternity in open theism, and specifically the implications of Einstein’s theory of special relativity, we’ll now move on to Einstein’s theory of gravity, that is, general relativity.

God and Einstein I

When considering time and eternity, I cannot help but think as a physicist as well as a theologian. From a physicist’s point of view, a time-bound God is a curious phenomenon.

Time and Eternity

God is eternal. Of course God is eternal. We confess it, we sing it, we affirm it, and we’re happy to leave the details to philosophers and theologians. But you know what? Time and eternity interact in our words, songs and thoughts more often than you’d think, and all too often to highly confusing result. Without pretending to say anything that hasn’t been said before, let’s have some innocent fun with this.

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