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Shepherd and sheep

The Shepherds

Did you just see those three men? I can’t believe it. I said to them—“I can remember as if it had just happened”, I said to them. “I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

Empowered to confess. Luke 12:1-12 preached at Bilton Evangelical as part of a series going through the gospel of Luke entitled Beyond: the Man who brought Heaven to Earth.

We started by watching Worthless, and went on to think about changes in society, the importance and cost of discipleship, and the role of the Spirit in empowering us. Download mp3, ogg.


In the Father’s house

As a rule I’m deeply committed to expository preaching, but from time to time I like to keep things fresh by throwing in something that appeals more to the imagination, like this monologue on the account in Luke 2:41-52 of the young Jesus in the temple.

Good morning and greetings to you all. My name is Eliphaz bar-Joseph. I am a lifelong student of the law of God the Almighty. The law! Oh, the law. The law of Moses is my joy and my delight.

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