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Paul writing his epistles, attributed to Valentin de Boulogne

Rhetoric in Romans 1

The opening chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Rome is, sadly, perhaps best known today for being one of the battleground texts in the debate on human sexuality raging in many quarters of the western Christian church. And when the minutiae of the text become the subject of debate, the larger thrust sometimes disappears from view. So also, often but not always, here.

Empowered to confess. Luke 12:1-12 preached at Bilton Evangelical as part of a series going through the gospel of Luke entitled Beyond: the Man who brought Heaven to Earth.

We started by watching Worthless, and went on to think about changes in society, the importance and cost of discipleship, and the role of the Spirit in empowering us. Download mp3, ogg.


Worship in Spirit and in Truth (John 04.04-26), reflecting on the nature of worship, guided by Jesus’ extraordinary encounter with the woman at Jacob’s well. Preached at Spalding Baptist Church. Download mp3, ogg.


Humility and Forgiveness (Gen 3:1-9, Matt 18:21-35), the fourth message given at Javea International Baptist Church. Download mp3, ogg. Towards the end, we listened to the heart-rending and devastatingly beautiful statements of forgiveness from bereaved family at Dylann Roof’s bond hearing.


Conflict, Submission, and Humility (James 4:1-12), part of a Church as Family series preaching through the letter of James. I used two clips: one of priests assaulting each other with broomsticks in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and a second one about conflict resolution. Download mp3, ogg.


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