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Painting of Simeon holding JesusThe Man who brought Heaven to Earth: our eyes have seen your salvation (Luke 2:22-38), reflecting on Simeon’s words in the Christmas Sunday service at BEC. We started with a clip of Joshua Bell playing violin in the Washington DC metro. Download mp3, ogg.


Remembrance: Laying down our lives (Micah 4:1-5), thinking about war, peace, and the Kingdom of God in the morning service at BEC. We started with an Inside Mole animation called Lest We Forget. Download mp3, ogg.


The God who says ‘No’ to David (2 Samuel 7:1-18), the fifth and last sermon for Javea International Baptist Church, wrapping up our thoughts around the themes of faith, adversity, and commitment. Download mp3, ogg.


Which gospel are you living? (Romans 12), the third talk at Javea International Baptist Church. Download mp3, ogg. I used a Carnival Cruise lines advert and a Coca-Cola advert to start off with.


Imagination and the kingdom

We are all inhabitants of our world and our culture. We are all—myself included—taking a huge number of things for granted without ever giving them a second thought, rarely realising that the world could perhaps be quite different from the way it is.

What would the world look like if money worked entirely differently? What would a modern society look like without nation states? What would need to change to abolish poverty or provide truly equal opportunity? We simply don’t know.

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