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The Choices we Make (1 Samuel 27, 29), my first talk for Javea International Baptist Church. Download mp3, ogg. The image to the left displays the possible ruins of Ziklag, David’s Philistine settlement.

HarvestPatience and Perseverance (James 5:7-11), part of a Church as Family series preaching through the letter of James. I started with a clip showing a moth emerging from its pupa (and yes, that was a bit of an in-joke as well as an example of perseverance…) Download mp3, ogg.

Jerusalem sunset viewReligion (Acts 15:1-35) on the Jerusalem council, part of the Transforming Acts series on the book of Acts at Bilton Evangelical Church. I started by reflecting on a touching medical commercial entitled See what they see, hear what they hear. Download mp3, ogg.

The Big Picture by PD Hemsley

The Big Picture by Phil Hemsley reviewed

The Big Picture is subtitled An Honest Examination of God, Science and Purpose, and for once you would be absolutely right to judge a book by its cover. It is an account of an intelligent, inquisitive, scientific mind asking itself how the world hangs together. Chapter 1 examines, at a popular and accessible level, the basics of logic and epistemology—without ever using the word—paying special attention to unspoken assumptions and the ways in which our thinking can be led astray.


Commitment (Luke 13:25-35). Preached at the Bilton Evangelical Church morning service. Download mp3, ogg.

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