Beginning JSP 2.0


Apress, January 2004; Wrox, March 2003. Architecting web applications was (and is) harder than it ought to be. In the early 2000s, two technologies emerged to make life a lot easier: JSP 2.0, a major update of the specification, and Struts 1.1. Together with the JSP Standard Template Library they made for a much more powerful platform that supported new forays into web application development, and it is entirely right that even a beginner’s book covered all of them in some depth.

My personal contributions were the chapters on web application architecture and Struts. The book was originally published by Wrox, but following Wrox’ demise Apress issued it in a much improved re-edited version.

Beginning Java Networking


Wrox, October 2001. There is hardly a Java application out today that does not involve networking of some kind. Beginning Java Networking introduced intermediate and experienced Java developers to the topic and covers it in considerable breadth and depth. My contributions are the Java security and cryptography chapters (7 and 14); Wrox picked the security chapter as the sample chapter for the book. They cover the security model, elementary cryptography, JCA, JAAS, JCE and JSSE.

Aspects of QED Renormalization in Anti-de Sitter Space


PhD thesis, University of Nijmegen, July 2001. Perhaps the great outstanding problem of theoretical physics to date is the unification of the Standard Model, that is the current understanding of elementary particles, and Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, thought to describe gravitation. Many physicists hope to find the solution in string- or M-theory, powerful but speculative theories which make up in mathematical and physical interest what they lack in firm experimental support. This thesis takes a more modest approach inspired on the early QED successes describing systems in static electromagnetic background fields. A static background curvature—anti-de Sitter space, interestingly coming back in fashion now—is used to embed the elementary processes of quantum electrodynamics (QED). View PDF (695kB), Download ZIPped PostScript (390kB).