Hi. I’m Peter, quantum computing specialist at Objectivity.

Learning is a lifelong mission to me. I’m intellectually curious, quick to make new fields my own, and have a proven track record of grasping complex problems in both breadth and depth and finding creative solutions.

I love R&D, lead projects and build teams in a software development context — typically in an agile environment, using functional programming (Clojure) or object orientation (mainly Java), JavaScript and SQL. In this capacity I most recently worked for QFI Consulting and, prior to that, Objectivity which I now returned to. I co-authored Beginning JSP 2 and Beginning Java Networking, edited others, and acted as reviewer and technical editor for several publishers, moderated on JavaRanch, and contributed to open source software.

I am a theoretical physicist with a doctorate from the University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I have a strong interest in the intersection of physics, maths, and software, including quantum computing, cryptography, blockchain and web3.

The church context I worked in has taught me not just leadership skills, but also empathy and people skills. A passionate team builder, I love to equip others to become the very best they can be. In that capacity, I am a lecturer for Salt and Light UK‘s King’s School of Theology (KST) and regularly mentor young people.

As a world citizen, I am open to moving around and speak fluent English and Dutch, decent German, as well as some Spanish and French (there’s also koine Greek and biblical Hebrew, but they are less likely to be relevant). I’m an EU passport holder with settled status in the UK.

I’m married to Inger. We have a son, Nathan Isaiah.